Read carefully the answers to the following questions. If these answers are not helpful in solving your problem, fill out the Assistance Form, and you will receive a response within 24 business hours.

The system's payment method is via secure channel with SSL encryption using 128-bit certificates. The credit card is entered directly at the bank's virtual counter, which checks the validity and availability of the amount to be paid in real time. This system allows us to protect the secrecy of your data as much as possible. The credit cards accepted are indicated on the web pages of the shopping cart and may vary.

Tickets have their own net price to which are added the so-called "presale fees" (the responsibility of the organiser) and the possible surcharge for additional services - e.g. for internet or telephone booking (the responsibility of the distribution agency).
The prices shown in our price lists may include both pre-sale fees and service fees, the latter always being highlighted.

After entering your credit card number in the virtual bank counter, you must wait for confirmation of the transaction. If your booking has been successful, you will normally receive our confirmation within 36 hours, sent to the e-mail address you indicated on the order form. By printing this confirmation and carrying an identity document, you will be able to collect your ticket at the box office, before entering the performance venue, or at the place indicated to you at the time of booking.

The payment system may return an error message for various eventualities. Please make sure that
•    your card is valid
•    you have not exceeded the monthly budget available for the purchase
•    the card is of a type accepted by the system (the shopping cart page shows the cards accepted)
There may occasionally be communication errors between the computer you are working with and the bank's server, in which case we advise you to wait a while and try again later to place a new order. If the order is incomplete, it is considered void and no amount will be charged.

We advise you to send us an e-mail to notify us of the problem. In some cases, it may be sufficient for you to write down your purchase code and any other identification data (numbered seats, etc.) and present yourself at the box office (or other indicated location) with your ID.

The collection of tickets purchased at the box office at the event can only be done on the day of the performance. Generally, a special counter is set up at the box office of the venue where the performance or event takes place, which displays the words "internet booking" or similar signs. In general, the cash desk opens:
•    For small events: approximately 1 hour before the start.
•    For large events: at least 2 hours before the start. In the case of events with a large number of spectators, it may also take place several hours earlier.

Tickets are only sent home if this method is indicated next to the description of the event. Home delivery is usually made by Postacelere, or alternatively by other couriers offering similar guarantees. We recommend that you do not select home delivery (even if provided) when there are less than 10 days to the event you are booking. Tickets are dispatched so that they are delivered at least three days before the date of the event. For information regarding your booking, please contact us by e-mail.

On-screen confirmation of the acceptance of the booking is given immediately after obtaining the spending authorisation from the payment bank system. Confirmation by e-mail is usually sent after checking the full availability of what was requested. This normally takes place within 36 hours, during office hours, after receipt of the booking. If this is not the case, the cases may be:
1.    Your booking has not been completed regularly.
2.    Your booking was not completed successfully because the transaction was not confirmed by the bank.
In any case, please write to us for clarification.

The booking is nominative, so it is NOT transferable. This is to ensure the security of your order and the payment you have made. We will endeavour to try everything possible at the venue, but cannot guarantee such an eventuality.

It is your right to request a refund of the ticket price from the event organiser. The law provides for the refund of the ticket price, excluding agency fees and commissions.

Credit card companies usually take a few weeks to credit your account. If you still have further questions, please contact your credit card company directly.

Depending on the number of seats requested, selection within the indicated sector will be made on a 'best seat' basis, i.e. the best grouping of seats available. It is possible that in some places seats are divided into sectors that are all odd or all even.
For example, Seat 13 Row P and Seat 15 Row P could be next to each other.

The payment method for the online service is only by credit card. In this case, you must contact a point of sale.

It is not possible to correct data and bookings that have already been confirmed. You must therefore make a new booking for the tickets you wish to add, which may not guarantee seats close to the first booking you made.

As mentioned in the previous number, it is not possible to change the details of bookings that have already been confirmed.

According to the criteria established by the event's Organiser, certain categories of spectators can purchase tickets at a reduced price. Reduced-price tickets are only valid for entry provided that the spectator has the characteristics established by the Organiser for that category.
Even when these characteristics are checked (e.g. fidelity card, personal data, etc.), the user must present him/herself at the entrance with the necessary documents to verify the right to the reduction.

From 28 December 2020, online payments are even more secure thanks to the new European PSD2 regulation introducing new authentication rules.
When you place an order using a card payment, your bank may ask you to confirm your identity using 3D Secure authentication.
There are many ways to authenticate online payments and you may be asked to confirm your identity via SMS, email or TouchID.
We advise you to contact your bank to ensure they have your correct contact details in case you are asked to use SMS or email for 3D Secure authentication.